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Snatched 2017

Snatched 2017

After his friend on the eve of their exiled exotic vacations, bold dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Sumer) cautious his mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) forced to go to paradise with her. Opposites, Emily and Linda soon realized that as their differences to work as a mother and daughterIs the only way to escape the jungle adventure wildsugtige that their invasion.

When your boyfriend shower your exotic holiday, immerse a young woman traveling with her mother very careful when you get up with unexpected results. After your friend broke with her on the eveOf exotic vacations, the exaggerated dreamy Emily Middleton survived her mother very cautious, Linda, traveling with her to the sky. Opposite, Emily and Linda know them from their differences as a mother and daughter in comic work, so unpredictable, the only way out of the wild,A cruel jungle adventure that has fallen.

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