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Sigil 0.3

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Sigil Editor is a free eBook EPUB file open source.

If you need to create or edit editor . FIFA 10 download epub e-book, you can do worse than symbol. It’s clean, bright, and most importantly, a free application that allows you to importand edit e-book format TXT, HTML and .epub and convert them to .epub transmission.

Even if it is kwanzawakati editing ebooks, Sigil not give any problems. Interface with multiple tabs is easy iRozsądnie various types, including point zorukodu browser booksand of course the inspection WYSIWYG view, so you know exactly how the final product will look like.

End of technical character has many good qualities that make it easy to edit. The editor has content (TOC), confirmation format.epub very good opportunities HTML. While there are electronicBook editor with many features, not all of them are good to use. If you are happy zPodstawowy epubów range features editor, Sigil is that for you.

Sigil tvoretsperetvoryuvach GPL and EPUB, which will produce large e-books in an instant.
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Sigil 0.3

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